IME built Engineering Link Analysis (ELA) to fulfill the Army’s geospatial needs for both disconnected, intermittent, and low bandwidth (DIL) and connected environments. ELA provides DIL environment warfighters mapping technology on any laptop, tablet, or mobile device through thin-client mapping overlaid with intelligence information, providing a holistic Common Intelligence Picture (CIP) and user needs-driven, and easier-to-learn and -use platform while disseminating data.


ELA's technical approach is to provide a high-performance, thin-client map with overlays of intelligence data in disconnected, low bandwidth, and intermittent bandwidth modes. Our technology stack includes CesiumJS, HTML5, Cesium ION, and Microsoft SQL 2012 R2. Our development is in C# and Java Script with Apache for real-time calls to the database.

ELA brings mapping technology to the 'Last Tactical Mile' and is currently deployed to Afghanistan with Security Forces Assistance Brigade in CENTCOM, AFRICOM, and EUCOM.

ELA achieved Technical Readiness Level (TRL) 7-9 in January 2019 and is fully fielded in Afghanistan

Simple meets powerful.

Disconnected and Low Bandwidths

Intelligence is no longer restricted by disconnected and low bandwidth environments.

ISR and Drone Visualization

ELA is an integration powerhouse, bringing in cutting edge drone ISR feeds for direct ingestion, even in low bandwidth environments

Common Intelligence Picture

Intelligence is unified in all environments through ELA


As part of the ELA kit, IME equips and trains personnel on Parrot Group's eBee-X and ANAFI Thermal aerial systems.

ELA brings mapping technology to the 'Last Tactical Mile' and is currently deployed to Afghanistan with the 2nd Security Forces Assistance Brigade.

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