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National Geospatial Intelligence Agency
US Army

IME worked directly on geospatial intelligence analysis platforms for Cloud migration to Red Disk, DCGS-A Cloud, Cyber Cloud pilots, and other Cloud efforts supporting systems engineering, development, integration test, and deployment.  We conducted full life cycle development and deployment of Cloud technologies.

IME provides a myriad of services since its inception in 2012 to the US Army.



IME was part of the development and integration of full-motion video, geospatial analysis tools on a thin client, Cloud-enabled solution. Through our Cloud-enabled solutions, we were able to access real-time full-motion video, conduct map-based tagging, cloud-to-cloud communication on Army intelligence data. The platform was deployed to the Air Force, Joint IED Defeat Organization, Army DCGS-A, and National Geospatial Agency.


IME provides real-time, streaming collection of network traffic between Army units at the platoon, company, battalion, brigade, and division levels along with associated radio traffic through moving vehicles, tanks, HMMWVs, Blackhawks, fixed site ground locations, and satellites. Data is collected and evaluated to understand operations, data integrity, and mission results in order to optimize the Army’s use of real-time network traffic

Security Forces Assistance Brigade

ELA deployed with Security Forces Assistance Brigade (SFAB) in Spring 2019 to Afghanistan after achieving Tactical Readiness Level 7-9 in January 2019. Since fielding deploying to Afghanistan, SFAB has taken ELA to nine countries in AFRICOM and four countries in EUCOM.


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