• Direct support on AWS C2S / SC2S / UC2S at National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

  • NDAAS (NSG Data Analytics Analysis Service) implements Mesosphere on all three domains

  • NDAAS is supported under the Chief Automation Lead and Chief Data Officer at NGA

  • Deploy an agent on 400 node clusters to optimization the use of storage, commute, and ports for Mesos and Kubernetes clusters on AWS at scale

  • Cloud migration for legacy and developing technologies into C2S, SC2S and UC2S

  • Enable new technical and legacy to leverage full Cloud capacity through a streamlined approach to deploying into operations

  • Manage the infrastructure for NGA, IC, and DoD

  • Current users include NGA, CIA, US Cyber Command, US Naval Command, AF NASIC

  • Stack includes core Cloud components and analytic platforms

IME provides Army field training, Standard Operating Procedure development, and reach back support. We integrate cross-domain, maintenance of intelligence systems.
IME provides integration and maintenance of intelligence systems. Army field training, Standard Operating Procedure development and reach back
Integration – cross domain, maintenance of intelligence systems
Cloud training – migration assistance, training developers for full scale Cloud migration
UAS training, certification

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