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Rakhi Shah
President & CEO
Deval Desai

Rakhi Shah is the founder of Integrated Modern Engineering. She has nearly two decades of experience in aerospace engineering and military defense.


Rakhi started IME at the ground level after she witnessed firsthand the struggles of combat units had in easily and effectively viewing critical data both on base and remotely.  Her passion to assist those closest to the fight has driven the development of products such as Engineering Link Analysis along with supporting through training and integration of systems.

Deval Desai is a CPA and IME's Chief Financial Officer. She owns 216 Financial, LLC and is the Director of Accounting for airCFO, a a full suite accounting firm that specializes in technology start-ups. She has a Bachelors Degree in Accounting from Ohio State University and a Masters Degree in Finance from NYU's Stern School of Business.

Michelle Coulter
Sweety Joshi
Talent Acquisition

Michelle Coulter worked as a Human Intelligence Collector with the 101st Airborne Division and Intelligence Analyst with Dismounted Incident Analysis team prior to her role with IME where she is the marketing lead and a lead trainer for ELA. Michelle has a masters in Plant Science and bachelors degrees in Intelligence Studies, Environmental Plant Science, and Animal Science.

Sweety has a Masters of Business Administration from University of Central Oklahoma and 15 years experience in technical recruiting of all engineering domains supporting federal contracting companies. She has extended support in human resources and security management along with a thorough knowledge of government contract business space, contract life cycles, and staffing needs.

Dale Lehman
Product Lead
Dan Brown
Cloud Lead

Dale has over 35 years' experience in software development with a wide variety of languages: C#, ASP.NET, Java, JSP, Visual Basic 3/4/5/6/.NET, COBOL, Perl, PHP, HTML, Javascript, JQuery, SQL, and more. He has worked in the business, financial, government, and health care sectors. Dale possess strong communications skills and is experienced in training internal and external customers on products and technical subjects. He has served as supervisor and as team lead for small groups of developers.

Dan has 30 years of experience in military engineering, software development, and Cloud services. He supports DevOps for customer's migration to the cloud. Dan is responsible for maintaining Amazon Machine Images (AMI) and Distributed Cloud Operating System (DC/OS) and Kubernetes environment used by customers. He assists development teams in onboarding of applications to cloud and evaluated usage and feasibility of open source products for inclusion in customer’s DC/OS environment including Flogo, Prometheus, Kafka-manger, Kubernetes, Helm, Brigate, Kubeless, NiFi, Ambassador, BeakerX, Jupyter, Grey Matter, Cilium, Traefik, Superset, IPFS, Zeppelin, PyTorch, OpenWhisk, and MxNet. Dan added open source components to DC/OS local universe builds and DC/OS SDK. He evaluated new features of DC/OS product and was first to upgrade and test new releases of DC/OS ahead of customer.

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