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We are a technology oriented company focused on providing capabilities to end-users directly supporting the military. We offer products and services that enable enhanced GEOINT capabilities for the Intelligence Community and Department of Defense.


At IME, we started with a vision of modern engineering and goal of integration, something that requires the right people capable of generating groundbreaking ideas and technology. Our focus is on cutting edge technology and development, something fulfilled by our experienced team of professionals.


Both conventional and asymmetric warfare require an understanding of real-time and historic information in an area of operations and dissemination in a time-sensitive environment. Data flow, accessibility, and dissemination requirements have increased in disconnected, intermittent, and low bandwidth (DIL) environments. This ‘Last Tactical Mile’ remains a challenge in multiple wars as the military still utilizes thick-client mapping, which fulfills a large quantity of geospatial requirements but still requires the use of printed maps in DIL environments.

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